Complementary Therapy

What is Complementary Healthcare?

Complementary healthcare is a term used to describe therapies or healthcare approaches that are used in addition to, or alongside medical care. Some examples of complementary therapy include Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Massage or Counselling.

Contacting a therapist…

You can contact a therapist directly to discuss why you would like an appointment. Ask as many questions as you feel necessary. How many sessions are available? What will I need to wear?

What to expect…

Our therapists offer an in depth confidential consultation as part of the first treatment.

This level of engagement looks at presenting issues and general health and wellness. The therapist will describe treatment options. On occasion you could be referred to another health professional.

Our Therapists are:

Qualified and Insured affiliated with a professional standards organisation, CNHC or the FHT as mentioned by NHS. They all adhere to ethical and confidential codes of practice