Mindful eating

  • Regularly ask yourself ‘Am I actually hungry in this moment?’ and be curious about what arises for you. Keep a daily note of your observations.
  • Remember that food is fuel for living; this way it’s role does not dominate your life but it serves a specific purpose
  • Humans seek pleasure and avoid pain so it is natural to seek food and avoid the pain of hunger. The trick is to actually feel and experience the pleasure food can bring; to really appreciate it. Even a single baked bean when eaten slowly and thoughtfully can be fully tasted, valued and treasured.

On beach asian and caucasian babies eat fruits fresh watermelons

Make strong connections between food choices, good health and a sense of wellness/wellbeing.

  • Explore your relationship with food and keep a diary to observe your thoughts and feelings. (Sample food diary)
  • What non-hunger situations do you find yourself in that trigger a desire to eat?…observe and note what arises
  • How was food viewed when you were growing up? Is that view still applicable/ relevant to your life now?
  • List the challenges that are unique to you and how you plan to negotiate them?
  • Form an intention regarding your overall health and wellness and find a supportive other to cheer you on or find a way to cheer yourself on. Write/ draw your plan and give yourself a few minutes each day to reflect on how the plan is progressing.

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