Inventive Cooking

Father And Son Making Pasta Salad In KitchenWhatever your circumstances, if you begin by speaking the following mantra it can do no harm and hopefully bring inspiration to your meal preparation…

  1. Always cook with love
  2. Always bake with your heart
  3. Always enjoy yourself

From Caribbean Green Living

Budgeting for meals

  • As part of your overall weekly/monthly budget, clearly identify the amount you have available for groceries.

Gather intelligence!

  • Find the lowest cost vegetables available; make a list of what they are and their cost
  • Also seek out products carrying reduced cost tags/stickers
  • Find products on special offer but make sure you look at price per gram and compare to same products but from a different brand.
  • Source recipes that feature the ingredients you have sourced/be inventive as recipes are unlikely to match the products you’ve found
  • Plan to add dried herbs/a sprinkle of spices or yeast extract for flavour

Then shop!

  • Cook in batches; e.g. a vegetable curry can last 2 – 3 days when appropriately stored
  • A selection of recipes (see booklet)